JACKI: Relaxed and Comfortable

Hello my friends,

It’s been a busy summer with school and work. Sadly, we haven’t done anything super exciting, but I’m hoping fall is full of new adventures and fun.

This is one of my go to outfits. Jeans and a tshirt are one of the most comfortable outfits you can wear. It’s perfect when running around doing errands, going to school or just having a relaxing day, but still look put together.

|Shirt: Yellow Tshirt | Bottom: Grey Jeans | Bandana: Black | Shoes: Huaraches |

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LESLI: Cherry Blossoms 

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. Any exciting events? It was a long week for me. It was finals week so it was a busy week. I’m finally having two weeks off before I start my Fall semester. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. Any suggestions?

Now to what I’m wearing. I’m wearing biker shorts with lace trimming that I got at Forever 21 a long time ago. My tshirt/tunic is home made but I’ll link a similar item. Finally, my jacket is from Zara (Zara in Seoul).

I hope you enjoyed this outfit. Let me know your favorite item from the outfit.

| White shirt | Lace Biker Shorts | ZARA Jacket |

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❤ Lesli


Jacki: A Little More Color


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Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is a little different for me. I normally wear black in just about every single outfit. Recently I’ve been trying to come out of my shell a little more and that means wearing more color and less black.

So for this outfit I wore my light wash denim with DIY distressed knees. I also  cut off at the ankles and let them fray for a more cool effortless look. I threw on my burgandy shirt that I got at the thrift store and these really cool tan wedges. I am in love with these wedges. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I could probably wear them all day. I kept everything else rather simple and just added some gold hoop earrings to finish my look.

I hope you enjoyed & thanks for reading!

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Lesli: Chucks and All

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Hi Lovelies,

A new chapter ahead! and I can’t wait. Sometimes it takes many tries to finally get it right. So remember, Never give up and always keep pushing forward. Life is beautiful and we need to take advantage of it.🙂

Outfit: During our shopping in Seoul I bought this shirt with amazing details in the sleeves. The material is thick and structure. My “dress” was a thrift find. It use to be floor length and not distress but lets be real. I’m only 5 feet and would not be able to pull it off. So I cut it and distressed it. Now its one of my favorite dress to wear.

|Dress: Thrift Store ( Similar )| Top: Seoul, South Korea | Necklace: Forever 21| Shoes: Chuck Taylors|

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Jacki: Blooming in Black


Hi my lovely friends,

It has been a fun weekend. We been hanging out with friends a lot and it has been nice. We recently decided that we need to make more time to enjoy ourselves and have fun. We are getting back to blogging because that’s something we truly enjoy doing. Sometimes its nice to let go of the past and focus on the future.

Outfit: During does hot long days its nice to have something to throw on and still look cute. Perfect for hot days and still versatile for cold days ahead.

|Dress: Buffalo Exchange (Similar)| Sandals: Blowfish | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Sperry|

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Lesli: Easy Does it :)


Hi everyone,

This week has felt so long. The heat is killing me. How’s the weather where you live? I’m currently dreaming of winter.

So for this post I wanted something easy to throw on. I found this dress at Forever 21 for only $10. It comes in 3 different colors and they’re all beautiful colors that can be worn during all seasons. Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards neutrals. I want to start building my wardrobe and having items that I can mix and match.

Olive Dress | Chambray Shirt | Sandals (similiar) |

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Jacki: Loving Levis 

Hello everyone!

Today’s look is rather simple and dark. I know we’re only in July but I can’t wait til Fall. I am ready for the cooler weather.

For today’s post I mostly want to talk about my Levis. These are probably my favorite shorts ever. I originally got these levis from the men’s section in the thrift store. They were pants that I cut into shorts and distressed a little. I think that everyone should have at least one pair of denim Levis shorts in their closet. They can be worn in different ways and they look great on everyone.

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Lesli: 90’s TBT


Hey everyone,

It has been a long weekend. Sadly of just working nothing special going on. I still have the travel bug in me. I want to pack my bags and go. I still haven’t decided where. I think that’s the biggest question I have right now. I’m completely torn. Any suggestions?

Now to my outfit. I recently went to Forever 21 and actually found a few things. I usually never find anything that fits well or my style. The dress and necklaces are from Forever 21 and my shoes are converse.


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Lesli: Black and White

Hey everyone, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Sadly, I’m taking summer classes but  I can happily say that I have chosen my career. Yay lesli! 

Now to my outfit. I wanted to be a bit more daring with my outfits. I would normally not wear socks like this, but I thought they looked cute. What do you think? Would you guys wear them? 

| Vest: thrifted|Shirt: Home made| skirt: GAP| Socks: South Korea| Boots: F21| 

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Jacki: All About Nudes 


Hello everyone!

Today’s outfit is all about nude colors. I love nude colors because they look so classy and well put together. Both of these pieces can be worn in multiple ways. Lately I’ve been trying to invest in items that have more of a multiple use instead of only using it once and leaving it in my closet. I paired my nude top with a nude high waisted button down skirt. I added some dark brown sandals and some jewelry to finish the look.

Top: Forever21  Skirt: Loft  Sandals: Blowfish  Bracelet: Juicy Couture  Rings: Korea

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